Michael Honig

President and Managing Partner
Honig Vineyards and Winery

Michael Honig, President and Managing Partner from Honig Vineyards and Winery is excited to take part in another wine week celebration. Michael took over the management o business in 1984 at the young age of 22. Filled with entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to turn around his family’s fledgling Napa Valley Winery. With an old meat locker as an office, a shoebox marked “miscellaneous” for an accounting system and no training, Michael began canvassing the streets of San Francisco in his one business suit. During the morning, he’d call on restaurants, hotels and wine shops where he’d pour samples of his wine, and in the afternoon he’d deliver the wine he’d sold from the back of his old Subaru wagon. Over the past twenty years, Michael and the business have grown and matured together. In addition to his management responsibilities, today he travels extensively to promote Honig wines across the country. Michael is on the board of directors of the Wine Institute and served as Chairman of the Committee that developed the workbook on the Code of Sustainable Winegrowing practices.