Brian Fairleigh

Winery Brand & Wine Education Manager
Domaine Chandon

As Winery Brand & Wine Education Manager at Domaine Chandon, Brian Fairleigh relies on his deep interest in and knowledge of wine to communicate the Chandon brand with a wide range of audiences, from novices to master sommeliers.

A graduate of the Global Wine Studies program at Central Washington University, Brian traveled around the world studying wine with extended stays in Champagne, France; Mendoza, Argentina; and Santiago, Chile. In 2010, he moved to Napa Valley and began his tenure with Domaine Chandon where he has served first as a Tasting Room Host, then as Brand Ambassador and Trade Visits Coordinator until being promoted to Winery Brand & Wine Education Manager in 2017.

In his current role, Brian’s thirst for knowledge and passion for education is easily noticed. In addition to creating and implementing all internal education programs at Chandon, he also brings Chandon to life in-market for trade and consumers alike. In order to keep abreast of every development at the winery, he stays constantly engaged with the Winemaking, Winegrowing, and Production teams – from dosage and basewine selections to new product development and cutting-edge sustainability and quality improvement programs.
A long-time devotee and student of Champagne, Brian has an in-depth understanding of the sparkling winemaking process as well as its sensory characteristics and food pairing versatility. His diverse experience at Domaine Chandon has allowed him a thorough understanding of not only the Chandon brand and its history but also of its entire portfolio of wines.

Prior to diving into the world of sparkling wine, Brian followed his family’s military traditions and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. After serving in combat support and administrative roles, he was honorably discharged in 2006.

When he is not hard at work at the winery in Yountville or on the road sharing his passion for Chandon, Brian can be found riding motorcycles, backpacking through the Sierra Nevada or behind a camera capturing the stunning vistas he encounters in the vineyard and on the trail.