Al & Susan Fulchino

Fulchino Vineyard

At the age of 21, Al Fulchino inherited his Grandfather’s wine press. He proceeded to make his first wine, reliving memories of watching his “Poppy” work, and following in the footsteps of family tradition, all the way back to Italy. Now all these years later we invite you to come taste the fruits of tradition.
Located at the lowest point in Hollis, Pine Hill Valley, chosen specifically for wine grape growing. Our level vineyard is a quiet place, yet active with contradictions. It is peaceful yet full of natures tugs and pulls. The terroir says to this next generation, come visit with me, come work with me, come harvest me, together we can yield for you wine as a drink, wine as a food, and wine as a medicine, in this most unexpected of places. The terroir says to us that things will not be easy but with hard work I will yield to you, if you respect what I have to offer
We believe in letting the vine and its fruit express itself. We are translators for what has already been created. Our joy is in seeing others enjoy our wine and to enjoy it with their families and friends. Come spend a quiet moment and experience for yourself, the peace contained in a single silent moment on our little patch of earth.